Hotel California – Review

This thug, drug and gang related movie may have had a good plot but it is not directed or written to play out very well for the audience. The scenes jump from present to past flashbacks with very confusing transitions, it is hard to tell what is present and what is past. There also is not anything in this movie to root for, the main character, Erik, is not a good guy. He was away because he was not only running from cops but also from his boss, Dmitri. The money that he allegedly stole was for Ramos, who also wants Erik. So Erik comes back into town, but he is not doing anything positive by coming back. He tries to get his friends to go against the boss, Dmitri.hotel california

About the only thing you could root for in this movie is for Erik’s girlfriend to wake up and figure out that he is not a good guy and definitely not boyfriend material. But she did make the choice to be his girlfriend, knowing that he was a drug dealer.

The acting is overall pretty decent, the drama of turning witness on your boss in a drug gang is a good storyline. The actors take on the characters well and do a good job with developing them. But the direction that the movie takes makes it really hard to follow. There is not much of a plot to follow or reason for Erik to come back, unless it was just for revenge about being accused of stealing money.

If you just like drug, gang, shoot-em up movies then this would most likely fit your tastes. It has plenty of drug and shoot out scenes, whether or not they make sense won’t matter if you just want to see drug runners and gang members shoot it out, do drugs and live their so called ‘charmed’ lives.