The 5 Latin American Wedding Traditions

Do you love watching Latin American movies? Latin American tradition goes a long way, and their weddings is one of the best places that you can ever possibly be at! And when it comes to knowing about there wedding affairs and traditions, movies are one of the best places to find out all that you wish to know about any specific wedding tradition.

The 5 Latin American Wedding Traditions

Here are some of the most unique Latin-American wedding traditions as seen in the movies which are also performed in real life!

Distributing Capias

Being shown very well in the movies, it is a Latin-American tradition to distribute special wedding favors to all the guests known as Capias. They are detailed ribbons which have the name of the newlyweds and their wedding date on it and are saved by the guest’s years after the wedding functions are over. They are beautiful, personalized and adorable party favors made in an array of colors.

Las Arras

Being a symbolic and important tradition, this tradition requires the groom and the bride to each take one half of the 13 gold wedding coins. The number 13 has been attributed to the 12 apostles and Lord Jesus according to catholic weddings. This tradition also represents the newlyweds unity and the groom’s promise to take care and provide for the bride and his family.

Serving breakfast

Latin-American weddings are known to start late, generally after 9 pm and continue almost all night long especially due to the lengthy ceremony which it entails. This is why it is a wedding tradition to serve breakfast to all the wedding guests after they have had a long night of dancing and drinking and enjoying the wedding. One food item that you will surely find in such a breakfast is churros!

Skip the engagement ring

Do you really love the engagement ring? Well, another customary wedding tradition amongst Latin-American people is to skip the engagement ring totally! The woman and the man exchange wedding bands instead which is worn by both of them on their right hand till the wedding day. After being pronounced man and wife, the bands are switched by them both to their left hand.

Lazo Cord, symbol of unity

Once again, being well depicted in the movies, you will notice that the newlywed couple uses a large rosary for their lazo chord which is a symbol of lifetime unity between them. Once the vows are made, one of the family members wraps the rosary around the couple while forming a figure-of-eight shape with it.


This is the most popular wedding tradition commonly seen in several movies. Mariachis or a festive serenade adorn the traditional wedding where a live band plays music during the wedding reception. A Latin-American wedding is simply incomplete without the proper music.

Eating cake

It is a popular wedding tradition for all the bride’s single friends to hover around the wedding cake and pull out a ribbon from it. Out of all the ribbons attached to the pastry, one of them is also attached to a ring within the cake and the girl who pulls out the lucky ribbon is the next one to get married!

Which of these traditions is your favorite one? Let us know!

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